A little about the German Shepherds history
Originally the German Shepherd or Alsatian is a German breed of working dog The breed was developed by Max von Stephanitz using various traditional German herding dogs from 1899. It was originally bred as a herding dog, for herding sheep.

A Short History – How did the German Shepherd Evolve? 

During the world war, both sides were actively using highly trained German Shepherds to great advantages, they were fast and very smart with the ability to surprise and attack their opponents.
The German Shepherd being a big working dog with high intelligence and a natural love for training was considered to be the ultimate choice for the armed forces.
However, the British were loath to using the name “German Shepherd” as the Germans were their arch-enemy
To keep spirits high, the British didn’t want to associate with the Germans in any way, so they changed the name of the German Shepherd


The name Alsatian comes from the German French border area of Alsace-Lorraine, where the British were locked in a fierce battle with the German forces. Some say the German Shepherds performed so well and accredited the success of the battle to their fearless dedication, they named them the Alsatian.

So are German Shepherds now called Alsatians ?

It was because of the relentless campaign by the breeders that in 1977 the Alsatian finally got back its original name, German Shepherd Dog. Today the German Shepherd Dog or Alsatian, as you would like to call it, is among the most popular dog breeds in the world. In the US it ranks as high as number two in the popularity stakes, while in the UK it is constantly ranked in the top five. The German Shepherd is also known as GSD.

Top Marks – Top Tip !
When talking to German Shepherd owners, it is always polite to refer to their dog as a German Shepherd or GSD.
The name Alsatian is not welcome these days – As a GSD owner I always hear people say “I was bitten by an Alsatian once”…. Never a GSD